Dharma Kitchen                    
The Dharma Way of Life

Desserts & Drinks Menu

Teas (caffeine free)                                                                       

T1. Herbal Tea (Chamomile, green, or mint tea)

T2. Lemon Ginger Tea (Hot decaffeinate green tea with fresh ginger and lemon with brown sugar on side)

T3. Chai Tea (House Specialty) (Decaffeinate green tea, fresh ginger, cinnamon and spices steamed in organic soymilk)


 J1. Blue Lagoon (Pear, banana and blueberry)

 J2. Breathless (Pear, banana and strawberry)

 J3. One Love (Pineapple, banana and blueberry)

 J4. First Kiss (Pineapple, banana and strawberry)

 J5. Sunset (Orange, grapefruit and blueberry)

 J6. Rise and Shine (Orange, grapefruit and strawberry)

 J7. True Happiness (Orange, grapefruit and banana)

 J8. True Beauty (Pineapple, pear and banana)

Fruit & Vegetable Cocktails                                                       

 C1. Energy Cocktail (Apples, cucumber, ginger root, pineapple and Green+)

 C2. Flu Fighter (Carrots, celery, lemons, garlic, ginger root, spinach and cayenne pepper)

 C3. Full Court (Apples, pears, ginger root, lemons, Echinacea and goldenseal drops)

 C4. Immune Boost (Apples, beets, carrots, ginger root, Echinacea drops and vitamin C powder)

 C5. Iron Maiden  (Carrots, beets, spinach and spirulina)

 C6. Mental Theory (Banana, oranges, pears and gingko biloba)

 C7. Woman’s Roar (Apples, beets, cucumber, ginger root and Green+)

 C8. Sweet Luscious (Apples, carrots, celery, ginger root and goldenseal drop)

Organic Wines

Merlot - Villa Teresa (Italy)
Cabernet - Cono Sur (Chile)
Malbec - Cuma (Argentina)

Pinot Grigio - Villa Teresa (Italy)
Chardonnay - Cono Sur (Chile)
Torrontes - Cuma (Argentina)

Organic Beers                   
Mile St  
Lager (341 mL, 5% alc. Vol.)

Nelson Brewing Company  
After Dark (Dark Mild Ale, 5% alc. Vol.)
Havest Moon (Hemp Ale, 5.7% alc. Vol.)
Paddy Whack (Indian Pale Ale, 6.5 % alc)