Dharma Kitchen                    
The Dharma Way of Life

The Art of Living

Dharma Kitchen is an art of living which emphasizes the healthy and sustainable lifestyle. By combining ancient wisdoms and modern practice, the art aims to dedicate sustainable developments and to benefit the environment and community. Dharma is the fundamental of the Buddhist philosophy and of a Buddhist’s way of life. Nourishing diet and regular exercise for physical body, meditative surrounding atmosphere for spiritual mind, and balance acts and mindful speech are key elements of the practice. 

Dharma Kitchen

Email: info@dharmakitchen.ca
Website: www.dharmakitchen.ca

Suggesting everyday meal: 

Sunday: Tempeh Burger
Monday: Brown Rice Bowl
Tuesday: Curry Dish
Wednesday: Roasted Potato Bowl
Thursday: Brown Rice Bowl
Friday: Mega-Protein Dish
Saturday: Mega-Protein Dish